• what do you cook?

whatever I want! I explain my culinary philosophy better here.

  • when did you start cooking?

I’ve been cooking things ever since I was little. Granted, it was mostly pasta and easier things like that when I was younger, but I have very fond memories of coming home from school and watching Giada and Alton Brown on TV.

  • what type of camera do you use?

I am currently using a Nikon D5300 with an 18-55 mm/f 3.5-5.6 VR lens. I have essentially no photography background so I’m learning as I go.

  • how often will you post?

Once I get things up and running, I plan on posting once a month. Keep in mind I’m a full-time student with two other jobs.

  • how did the blog’s name come about?

I was trying to come up with a blog name that sounded right for about a week, and then one day, I bought a bag of colored carrots and then it hit me! It was that same day that I roasted and photographed those carrots for the blog’s header image.

Keep the questions coming!