What’s cookin’, good lookin’?

Thanks for stopping by! Let me take the opportunity to briefly explain why I created this blog.

Food is so much more than what you eat.It’s a narrative, including everything from the composition of the soil that bred each ingredient, to millennia of cultural interchange that brought us the flavor profiles that draw us today.

As you peruse through this blog, you will likely encounter five basic themes, which I have explained below.

  1. simplicity. Most of my dishes contain less than 6 ingredients because I like to maintain the essence of each component while maximizing the flavor potential of the overall dish. This lends itself to using the highest quality ingredients possible in their peak seasons.
  2. concepts. I focus more on techniques and flavor combinations rather than absolute measurements and instructions.
  3. diversity. I don’t have an exact “cooking style”. I borrow things from various cuisines and essentially cook whatever I want.
  4. integrity. I am wholeheartedly against pre-mixed, pre-chopped, pre-shredded, pre-cooked, pre-anything, really. The more something is processed, the less of its original integrity it maintains.
  5. sustainability. It behooves us all to eat as healthfully as we can in moderation, and to be environmentally conscious as well. This means eating locally when possible, eating in season, and staying as far away as possible from industrialized agriculture.




One thought on “welcome

  1. Bortezomib

    I wanna be like you-u-u (cook like you, look like you…you-u-uuuu)…
    You see its tru-u-u…a kitty like me-e-e…
    Can learn one day, to cook like you-u-u YEA~


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